At Summit Fitness Training you will gain strength for life's adventures and progress toward your strength and fitness goals.  You will receive a personal fitness assessment, nutritional guidance, clear instruction for mobility and strength movements, and an effective training program.  

Love the fact that he didn’t try to kill me off the first meeting. He is willing to meet me at my starting point. Lots of encouragement and it feels like a close knit group.
— Mark C.

Training Philosophy

My goal is to help you achieve your health, strength, and fitness goals through clear instruction, encouragement, and effective strength training plans.  Each person has their own unique goals and reasons for pursuing change. Training should reflect these goals and start where the client is actually at as far as current fitness, experience, etc. We use resistance training as the main method to achieve these personal goals, utilizing body weight, kettlebells, dumbbells, and barbells.  By using free weights and body weight as the primary forms of resistance, your body will be forced to strengthen as a whole, not just in isolated muscle groups.  This creates a strong core and provides the opportunity to burn more calories and develop more lean muscle mass than performing isolated movements or movements on weight machines.  With consistent warm ups and mobility work, emphasis on quality movements, and adapting movements to fit the current ability of the client, progress is sure and the risk of injury is reduced.  A typical session will involve mobility work, a warm up, instruction, strength training, conditioning, and time to cool down.  In just 3 hours a week of hard work, with a daily focus on quality nutrition and mobility, you can change your body to be as healthy and strong as it was designed to be.


SATURDAY at 8AM:  The Summit Saturday Group Training offers you a weekly full-body workout (or open gym format) to supplement your own fitness endeavors throughout the week.  This class is a great way to receive ongoing personal training instruction, to train weekly with other people committed to growing healthier and stronger, and to gain a strong sense of accountability and camaraderie. Each person moves through the workout of the week at their own pace and adapts the movements to their level of fitness, or has the opportunity to utilize an open gym format and focus on their own personal goals, all while having a trainer available to coach along the way.  This class will range from 3-10 people in size, and offer an emphasis on overall strength and fitness. Summit Saturdays are an excellent way to be a part of a group that is headed in the same direction as you...toward health and strength!  Monthly Price:  $40 per month *(Includes Sales Tax)