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“In the small group environment of Summit Fitness Training I was able to start strength training with NO prior experience. I’m coached in safety and form and in one month am already feeling stronger and more confident. Along with guidance on nutrition I have hope for the first time in weight loss. I don’t know of another location with this affordable, comfortable and knowledgeable opportunity. I highly recommend Summit Fitness Training.”
— Debbie P.

Take control of your health, fitness, and strength. Whether you are new to training in a gym or you are looking to build upon a solid foundation, Summit Fitness Training offers you a strength and conditioning program, nutritional advice, and the needed encouragement to help you meet your health, fitness, and strength goals.  Through our Summit Saturday Group Class each person can pursue their goals, whether that be weight loss, improved body composition, greater strength, increased muscle mass, or endurance for races, hiking, climbing, etc.  As a personal trainer, my goal is to safely and systematically increase your overall health and strength.  Your heart, lungs, muscles, bones, and even mind will become stronger as you commit to doing the hard work of using your energy and strength to gain even more energy and strength.

“Love the workouts and energy that Josh brings to class. He is very knowledgeable and willing to work with his clients to provide them with training that works for them.”
— Robyn C.


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